2013 Show

Sunday 24 Feb 2013 – 23:00
The show halls have fallen silent again and as the organising group depart all that remains are the Volks Railway carriage (first in, last out) and a protective ring of Daleks to keep it company overnight. All of whom will depart early on Monday morning.
Please do add 21-23 Feb 2014 to your diaries for next year’s show. We look forward to seeing you there.
Modelworld 2013 final shot Volks railway and Daleks

Sunday 24 Feb 2013 – 17:30
Brighton Modelworld 2013 has now closed, the whole Modelworld Organising Group would like to thank all the exhibitors and visitors for making it another great, memorable, show.
We hope you enjoyed the show and if you have any feedback on how we could improve it, or indeed if you would like to exhibit there in 2014 then please do contact us.

Sunday 24 Feb 2013 – 10:00
Our daleks are all wearing black armbands today in a mark of respect at the passing of their creator Ray Cusick on Thursday 1928-2013

Sunday 24 Feb 2013 – 08:00
The final day is about to get started, remember that if you’re attending then you can send us photos for use on the large rolling displays. If you’re not attending then just look at what your missing.. come on down.

Saturday 23 Feb 2013 – 16:00
The model fairground and Gallopers are captivating audiences

Saturday 23 Feb 2013 – 15:00
In the truck arena a lot of complex maneuvers are being undertaken such as this oversize load navigating a roundabout

Saturday 23 Feb 2013 – 14:00
Amongst the wide range of exhibits it’s easy to overlook the quality of the model railway layouts present such as Abbey Road (OO)

Saturday 23 Feb 2013 – 11:00

Two of the Dolls House exhibits on display.

Saturday 23 Feb 2013 – 08:00

Exhibitors are starting to return for Day 2, Images of the highlights today will be added during the course of the morning. Why not come and see them for yourself, and email in pictures of your favourite parts and the best ones will be displayed around the show!
See your stand guide for details.

Friday 22 Feb 2013 – 12:00
The Tardis has landed, complete with console and Dalek’s and is attracting quite a crowd

Friday 22 Feb 2013 – 10:00
The doors are now open

Friday 22 Feb 2013 – 9:30
The steam engine Emperor has now arrived and taken pride of place outside the Brighton Centre.

Thursday 21 Feb 2013 – 21:00
The truck arena is now nearly complete

Thursday 21 Feb 2013 – 17:30
The lower Syndicate Wing stands are now taking shape with this display of model militaria

Thursday 21 Feb 2013 – 16:00
The ‘Brighton raceway’ 1/12th R/C cars are now on-site and have a new track for this year, below are just a few of the brightly coloured racers ready to entertain. There will even be an opportunity to drive an R/C car during the show this year.thurs-hots
Wednesday 20 Feb 2013 – 17:00
No further photo but progress has continued and the boating pool is now in place.

Wednesday 20 Feb 2013 – 13:00
The miniature fairground from Hollycombe Steam Collection is now also setup and ready in the main hall. See the Hollycombe facebook album for more photos.

Wednesday 20 Feb 2013 – 11:30
The first stand is now in place, albeit the biggest stand of the show. A car from the Volks Electric Railway. You can also watch a video of it being loaded.
weds-vr-in weds-2


Wednesday 20 Feb 2013 – 10:30
The hall is empty, staff are arriving.. the calm before the storm.
Brighton Centre hall empty