Welcome to Brighton Modelworld

Modelworld is a unique exhibition showcasing models of all types from around the country. Having started out as a model railway show, 2016 was the 38th annual event, encompassing so much more and has become genuinely a hands-on family model show with something for children of all ages, 1-100.

For details of why there will not be a show in 2017 see our Statement

Modelworld – A great day out for kids and grown-ups!

In 2016, Brighton Modelworld featured examples from many modelling disciplines, including:

  • Railways, model and miniature, large and small
  • Boats, with a sailing pool running shows all day long and detailed static models
  • Cars
  • Aeroplanes,
  • Daleks and Dr. Who exhibits
  • Antweight Robots
  • Circus, Fairground and related vehicles
  • Dolls Houses
  • Modelling trade stands
  • “Titan” the Robot

Thousands of visitors have attended Modelworld each year, with so many finding pleasure in exhibits they have never seen, or even considered, before.

A must for every modelling enthusiast!

Held at the Brighton Centre
Fri 19th to Sun 21st of February 2016